October 2011 | Issue 2

Welcome to the second Harlequin newsletter for October 2011

At Harlequin, we firmly believe that "if you aren't going forward, you're going backwards". It is this philosophy that accounts for Harlequin's current success and will drive future successes. Naturally, this directly benefits those whom have property investments with the company; however, the benefits will not just be felt in terms of returns, but also the overall experience of being with Harlequin.

We are currently making preparations to launch a social networking account created especially for investors, which will compliment these emailed updates by sharing the headlines before they appear in the more detailed newsletter format, plus other relevant news. Concurrently, our commercial online presence is also in the process of being improved and expanded. More details will be revealed soon, but whatever element you are of the Harlequin family, be it an employee, investor or customer, the future is very exciting indeed!

In this issue:

Bookings success for Harlequin Travel
Harlequin Air update from Dave Ames
Dominican Republic updates: Las Canas Resort; The Hideaway; Two Rivers Resort
The Marquis Estate update

Buccament Bay Resort

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Bookings success for Harlequin Travel

Harlequin Travel

Lauren Taplin (centre) and the Harlequin Travel team


The key to this property investment is to ensure that the hotels we are building are filled with paying guests at prices that reflect the return on investment that you all expect.

We are pleased to say that Lauren and her team at Harlequin Travel are doing a fantastic job promoting holidays at Buccament Bay Resort, which was confirmed last week when they heard that Buccament Bay Resort is luxury holiday provider Kuoni's top selling resort in the Caribbean for 2012. This is some achievement for any hotel, let alone a brand new one.

In order to improve upon these impressive results, Lauren and her team are inviting you to become travel introducers to help Harlequin spread the word and get as many people as possible to stay at Buccament Bay Resort. If you are interested in becoming a travel introducer, please contact the Harlequin Travel team on 01268 242463.

Harlequin Air update from Chairman Dave Ames

"We are pleased to announce that the first plane in the Harlequin airline is now in the US, where it is being liveried with the full Harlequin colours, in addition to having brand new 'Harlequin blue' carpet and cream leather seats with the Harlequin logo emblazoned in the headrests.

"The plane is expected to be delivered to St Lucia within the next 2 - 3 weeks, whilst the second plane in the fleet will be delivered to the US-based outfitters by the end of November for the same Harlequin treatment.

"Harlequin Air will be based in St Lucia and flying between Barbados, St Vincent and St Lucia for the exclusive benefit of guests to Harlequin's resorts. We are also arranging a scheduled service between St Lucia and San Juan, which will benefit the US-based guests who are now beginning to book and stay at the Buccament Bay Resort. This all helps to add kudos to the Harlequin brand."

Harlequin Air

Computer Generated Image (CGI) of Harlequin Air plane design

Dividing Line Dividing Line

Dominican Republic updates

Harlequin's growth and ambition is no more evident than in the beautiful and popular Dominican Republic, which is where we currently have three simultaneous projects: Las Canas Resort; Las Canas Resort's neighbouring boutique hotel, The Hideaway; and the Two Rivers Resort. Please find below progress reports on each.

Dominican Republic Map

Las Canas Resort

Las Canas Boardwalk at night

Las Canas Boardwalk at night CGI

Harlequin met with architects Escarfullery & Asociados, Kraus-Manning Inc (KMI) Project Managers and other Project Team members on 13th October 2011 to review progress on a planning submission for the Beach Villas and to progress development of the master plan. The team also met with a political representative for the area to discuss the planning submission. River defence studies and a wetland delimitation survey are to be carried out in order to satisfy EIA requirements, both of which are expected to be completed by December 2011. Also, Harlequin Developments has begun investigating procurement of wood from Indonesia for use in the Bali Villas.

Master plan design development proposals for The Hideaway hotel by architects Escarfullery & Asociados were signed off by Harlequin at a team meeting on 13th October 2011, with ESPA involved in the redesign of the spa and gym. 3D modelling analysis and special studies were conducted with the designers to ensure that the intended views from restaurants are being realised, and the location and quality of amenities are consistent with Harlequin's vision for the site. The tender information is currently being modified by the team to embrace Harlequin's low energy, environmentally responsible approach to delivering luxury living. The bidding process is expected to be concluded by the end of 2011, with the start of site work targeted for March 2012. Concession submissions to the Government are ongoing, and the Harlequin team is working with legal representatives to obtain Confotur (tax exemptions).

The Hideaway Hotel Dominican Republic

The Hideaway 3D Model

The Hideaway Hotel Dominican Republic

The Hideaway CGI

The Hideaway hotel

Harlequin met with architects Escarfullery & Asociados, KMI Project Managers and other project team members on 12th October to review progress for the show units at Two Rivers. The team also met with a political representative for the area to discuss the matter. Environmental studies for the EIA are ongoing and expected to be completed by early next year.

Dividing Line Dividing Line

The Marquis Estate update

KMI has been appointed to project manage the construction of The Marquis Estate, whilst Adams Consulting International (ACI) are the civil engineers for the development. After approval from the Government of St Lucia, C. O. Williams Construction have "cut" the initial access road (please see image) to the site of the Operations Centre - the area for which has been cleared - and will improve its surface before construction of the Operations Centre begins in December 2011. A revised Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been requested by the Government to ensure that development of The Marquis Estate is sympathetic to the natural environment, both aesthetically and practically. Harlequin Developments has appointed an EIA team following a tender process to prepare the EIA. The Government has set up a committee to fast track the EIA and planning processes; the EIA team and Harlequin Developments have regular meetings with the committee to ensure progress in all aspects of the resort design. The River and coastal studies are also underway. On 20th October, KMI met with suppliers of green energy solutions in order to implement self-sufficient energy, waste and water supply systems.

Following meetings held in June with architects from HKS Design and Gary Player Group, the final plans are being amended for final conceptual design for Phase 1, which includes: Gary Player Hotel; Gary Player Villas; Gary Player Golf Course; and the Beach Club.

Architects from HKS Design and John O'Donnell, President of Heritage Golf Links - a highly reputable golf course construction company - travelled to St Lucia to meet with Harlequin Developments' engineers and ACI about the Gary Player Golf Course. An in-depth feasibility and construction study for the Golf Course has been completed and Heritage Golf Links has created a construction plan. Currently, a tender process is underway to appoint a landscape architect and irrigation designer.

The Marquis Estate

The Marquis Estate Access Road

Initial Access Road

The Marquis Estate Operation Centre

Operations Centre CGI

The Marquis Estate Gary Player Apartment

Gary Player Apartment CGI

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